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711 Kevin Court
Oakland, CA 94621

MóZ Designs specializes in fabricating with aluminum to create unique and visually dynamic architectural products that contributes to LEED Credits, for the architectural and design communities.

MóZ Designs strives to be an industry leader with unsurpassed quality and customer service. They strive to partner with architects and designers and provide support and long term commitment to the design and installation of their specified products. Their primary goals are to simplify the process for architects, designers, and contractors by delivering support, knowledge, and coordination throughout the entire design/build cycle - from conception to installation.

Their expert team of architects, designers and engineers can help you meet your project's specific requirements, budget and schedule.


Project Managers work closely with skilled fabrication team to deliver excellent quality products and solve any manufacturing issues, in the best and most cost-efficient way. They maintain high fabrication standards through:

MóZ designs is a producer of unique • high design • high-value • architectural products and solutions.